Terms of Service

Swiftbanker is owned by Lacuna Digital Aps. Swiftbanker is a financial service provider that helps you apply for a loan. We work with loan brokers who mediate your loan application to banks and finance companies. Swiftbanker provides licensed loan intermediary services offered by Leads Clinic and helps you compare various banks and finance companies to find the best loan option for you. We also provide helpful economic tips to assist you in your loan application process.

By using the Swiftbanker.co.za service, you grant Lacuna Digital access to your current information. Lacuna Digital operates and owns the website at www.swiftbanker.co.za. The purpose of this notification is to explain the types of data we collect, how we collect it, and how we use it.

What is personal data?

Personal data refers to information that can be linked to you, such as your name, address, phone number, and email address. Personal data also includes information about your use of Swiftbanker.co.za services, such as the advertisements you have viewed.

How is personal data processing regulated?

Lacuna Digital is responsible for processing all personal data collected through the Swiftbanker.co.za service. The data is stored in our database or on devices such as laptops and phones. You can rest assured that all personal data is processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Personal Data Collection Policy

At Swiftbanker, we collect personal data to provide you with our loan application service. We are committed to protecting your privacy and complying with data protection laws.

What Personal Data Do We Collect?

  1. Your Personal Information

We store personal data you provide when signing up for Swiftbanker.co.za service or filling out forms on our website.

  1. Information About Your Website Visits

We collect data about the technology you use, such as the device and browser you use to access our website.

  1. Your Website Activity

We collect information about your website activity, including which pages you visited, which notifications you clicked on, and which advertisements you were presented with.

  1. Loan Application Information

We store the loan application data you submit on our website. Your personal identification code is only stored temporarily for one week in case of errors.

Who is Responsible for Processing Personal Data?

Lacuna Digital is responsible for processing personal data related to Swiftbanker’s business activities. We are committed to complying with data protection principles.

What Does Registration Mean?

When you sign up for Swiftbanker.co.za, you will receive important information about loan applications via email, SMS, or phone. We provide tips on how to improve your chances of getting a loan, manage your finances, and share financial news.

You may receive text messages from us several times a week, but you can opt-out by clicking the cancellation link at the end of the message.

Purpose of Personal Data Collection

Swiftbanker collects your personal data to provide you with the best loan options and facilities among our partner companies. We keep you informed about suitable loan offers using the contact information you provide. We process, store, and share personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

How is Personal Data Used?

Our goal is to provide each Swiftbanker.co.za user with a personalized experience. We use personal data to:

  1. Provide You with the Service You Expect

We need your email address and phone number to connect you with loan providers who can offer you loans based on your application.

  1. Understand Market Needs and Trends

We analyze data to identify market needs and trends. This helps us improve our services and provide better loan advice and facilities.

  1. Prevent Fraud and Misconduct

We take the security of our loan application service seriously. We use cookies and message history to identify fraudulent activities and prevent them from happening. Our data security team closely monitors any suspicious activities.

  1. Inform You About Loan Offers

We send loan offer information that you may be interested in via email, SMS, and phone.


At Swiftbanker, we are committed to protecting your personal data and complying with data protection laws. We use personal data to provide you with the best loan options and facilities, understand market needs, prevent fraud and misconduct, and inform you about loan offers.

Third-Party Access to Personal Data

At Swiftbanker, we may share your personal data with third parties for analytical purposes. All third parties are required to follow our personal data processing policies. In case of suspected law-breaking activities, we may share your data with law enforcement officials. We may also share data to resolve disputes or potential fraud.

In some cases, we provide your personal data to companies we work with for CRM, email, and SMS marketing services. These companies are not authorized to use your data for any other purposes beyond our service provision.

Use of Cookies

We use cookies on our website to improve your user experience. Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer. You can easily turn off cookies in your browser settings, but some features of Swiftbanker.co.za may not work optimally without them.

Personal Data Removal

We do not store personal data longer than necessary, except where required by law. We have procedures in place for removing personal and identifying data. If you want to cancel a newsletter subscription, you can use the cancellation link at the end of the newsletter you receive.

Please contact us at info@lacuna-digital.com if you want us to remove your data from our system.